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  • Everyone Loves An Upgrade

    Renovating an entire airport at once would be like asking our 64+ daily departures to leave at the same time. See our plan for launching everything smoothly.

    Project Phases

  • Charleston's New Gateway

    Charleston is the world's No. 1 destination. Soon, its airport will be a world-class facility that mirrors the Lowcountry's charm and grace.


  • Take Flight Charleston

    We're looking for local partners and vendors who are experts at everything from carpeting to electrical and fire protection to IT systems. Find out how to apply.

    Vendor Diversity

  • Destination World Class

    Some of the best and brightest companies are helping us create a state-of-the-art airport that will welcome more than 2.6 million passengers a year. Meet our team.

    Project Team


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Project Spotlight

Winglets: Fuel savers in disguise

You've probably noticed it - the wings on your plane tilt toward the sky. Cosmetic? Cool? Yes, in a way. But winglets serve a very important function on your flight. Find out what it is.